Chirpsy CEO interviewed by Social Agent

Me: So, when were you going to tell me about Social Agent?

Isaac: *blushes*

There’s no hiding anything from our marketing team.

A few weeks ago, Isaac sneaked out to catch up with visiting crowdsourcing entrepreneur, Mike Michelini of Social Agent. Unbeknownst to us, they recorded an interview together.

There’s no hiding on the internet. Isaac discussed the balancing act of crowdsourcing workloads to ensure clients and writers are happy. As this is how you get your human-crafted Tweets, we thought we’d share the interview.

Mike, we hope you enjoyed your time in Seattle. Next time we’ll pull out the sunshine.

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Top Five Reasons Why You Need Content Marketing

Why You Need Content MarketingContent marketing. That’s the latest business buzz word right? You don’t need to know about that. Wrong.

The name content marketing is relatively new, but it’s here to stay. And that’s a good thing.

So what is content marketing? There are many definitions, most full of technical jargon. Here at Chirpsy, we define content marketing as sharing relevant information with your customers, to make their lives easier and keep you top-of-mind for when they’re ready to buy. Essentially being that friend who knows everything and everyone, but less obnoxious.

Still not convinced? Here are our top five reasons why you need content marketing.

Now you know you need content marketing, hop over to Twitter and get started. Find some content to share. Don’t forget that a Chirpsy subscription works great supplementing your content marketing, or by itself.

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How to Manage Your Social Media Campaigns Over the Holidays

Social Media HolidayWhether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, a vacation or your wedding, there are times when you don’t want to be personally managing your social media accounts.

How can you keep an active profile when you want to disengage?

There are a few things you can do.

1. Pre-write and schedule your content. Write general posts and schedule them to be posted while you’re offline. Social media apps like HootSuite and Sprout Social let you do this. Just remember not to post anything that may elicit a conversation or become inappropriate if there’s a disaster. Generic posts work well for this.

2. Use a content curation tool like Chirpsy. If you already use us to supplement your engagement messages, you know how effective it is. By itself, Chirpsy will keep your accounts active and relevant while you’re away.

3. Include customer service messages. Holiday opening hours, reminders, promotion messaging. These are all things you you pre-schedule and link to, while giving your audience useful, timely content.

4. Have someone in the office review the social media feeds. This is a great training opportunity for someone in the office. Ask them to review the feeds to see if anything needs urgent actioning, the same as media monitoring. You don’t need to give permission to post, but they can watching for poor brand mentions and the technology, and escalate any major issues. Remember to define major before you leave to avoid a panicked phone call over something slight.

5. Enjoy the holidays. You’ve worked hard all year ’round. Take this time to do the things you love, without worrying about reach and clicks. You’ll come back refreshed and more creative.

We hope these tips help you have fun this holiday season.

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How to Optimize your Chirpsy Campaign

Optimize_Your_Chirpsy_CampaignSomething important to us is making sure your Chirpsy campaign looks natural, and by you. That’s why you can optimize your Chirpsy campaign to reflect your business and your goals.

There are five parts to a Chirpsy campaign and all on the Manage Campaigns page: your URL, writing guidelines, sources, posting options and analytics. These help us understand your business, and human-craft your Tweets better. The last two give you control over when the Tweets are posted and to see click stats.

The URL is straightforward, enter it, and it’s done.

Writing Guidelines let us know your goals, loves and hates. This makes it easier for us to write in your voice. Are you targeting small businesses? If so, we’ll know not to include Tweets pointing to heavy academic papers. Is your company more fun? We’ll use more casual professional language. We’ve written a blog post with five tips on effective writing guidelines to help you.

Sources make up the last part. These can be either keywords or RSS feeds from your favorite blogs and websites. If you’re using keywords, focused words work better than general ones, e.g. “Seattle Seahawks” will just give you Tweets about the ‘Hawks, whereas “Seattle Football” will likely pull in soccer, college, and junior games. Don’t forget that your audience and customers may use different terminology than you do, especially if they’re international. Including all terms with makes sure we craft you Tweets that’ll appeal to all your audience. RSS feeds will pull in the recent posts and our writers will pick the most relevant matching your URL and writing guidelines. There’s no limit on how many sources you can have. Just remember that if you give us lots of keywords and RSS feeds and have a smaller plan, you may not get Tweets on some topics every week.

Next are the Posting Options. Does your audience spend more time online during business hours in your local area? Are they global, so spreading the Tweets over 24-hours will reach more time zones? You have a couple of choices here. Remember, after they follow you, most followers don’t return to your Twitter page, so it’s important to get into their feed. The same is true for facebook, Google Plus and other social media sites. If you’re wanting to stay in the Chirpsy dashboard and space out your Tweets, select the “Delayed Posting Queue” and a time period. Then on each Tweet just select Tweet It > Add to Queue. If you use Chirpsy as part of a larger social media campaign, select “Use an RSS Feed” and copy the RSS link to the relevant spot in your preferred social media app, for example HootSuite. Most apps let you control times to Tweet between or even the specific time and date. Very useful for keeping up with your posts while you’re getting on with your day.

The last part is Analytics and it’s optional. However linking your account means you can see your Tweets’ performance and which sources work better than others. You can then add more sources similar to the performing ones and delete the under-performers. Logging in to your account shows you how many clicks you generated for that link, how many others generated, when they occurred and where. It’s really fun, nerdy stuff.

As time goes on and you learn more about your audience, you may choose to re-optimize your Chirpsy campaign. In fact, we recommend it. The business world is constantly changing, so the keywords you set now may not be as relevant in six months.

If you still have questions, there are more tips in our FAQ page, and you can always email us.

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Five Tips for Effective Writing Guidelines

When you sign up for a Chirpsy account, one of the most important steps is to provide us with your writing guidelines.

Effective writing guidelines give us direction for what you want and don’t want us to write in your tweets. It’s up to you, but we’ve found few tricks that encourage your followers to share and engage with tweets.


1. Keep tweets under 100 characters plus any URL. Short tweets are easier to re-tweet – share the love and your profile.

2. Include the author or publisher’s Twitter handles, if linking to a story. They’ll be alerted and may retweet it to their followers. It also shows that you’re not just tweeting to promote yourself.

3. Use a conversational voice. Fun is engaging and more likely to be shared.

4. Incorporate relevant hash tags. If people are searching for your keywords, this will help them find you. It also gives the tweet copy context.

5. Use correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. This is your brand – look your best!

Here’s a sample written for a marketing client:

Please select “how to” style posts, closely related to the keywords and assuming a knowledgeable audience (professional marketers).  Keep the copy short (under 100 characters plus link), and include relevant Twitter handles and/or hash tags.

We hope this helps with your writing guidelines. And remember, you can always tweak it later if you’re not seeing the results you want.


Photo by Pete O’Shea –

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Chirpsy Chirps!


When we launched Chirpsy in January of this year at the Emerging Media Conference in San Francisco, we intentionally decided to stay away from blogging. Our focus was on making Chirpsy an incredibly useful service for businesses and PR agencies that maintain one or more active microblogs. Every day our team curates relevant content for your audience and drafts appropriate tweets that we hope your followers will love. Our service saves you time, keeps you in control (we never post for you), helps grow your followers and improves your online reputation.

No computer algorithm can can do this, so everything is done the old-fashioned way – real crowdsourced people (more on that topic another day) working 24×7 to bring you the content you need in a timely fashion. As you could imagine with our focus on microblogging, a blog was the last thing on our mind when we launched.

That’s about to change…

Over the past year we have learned a great deal about social media microblogging best practices and feel it is time to start sharing our insights with the world.  And really, 140 characters just doesn’t cut it for this kind of information.  It needs to be spelled out in the more traditional longer format.

The Chirpsy Team is about to get more chirpsy – every few weeks we plan to post to this blog with our latest findings and social media related thoughts that we hope you enjoy and learn from – stay tuned!

Chirp, Chirp!

Isaac Nichols
Founder & CEO

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