Chirpsy Chirps!


When we launched Chirpsy in January of this year at the Emerging Media Conference in San Francisco, we intentionally decided to stay away from blogging. Our focus was on making Chirpsy an incredibly useful service for businesses and PR agencies that maintain one or more active microblogs. Every day our team curates relevant content for your audience and drafts appropriate tweets that we hope your followers will love. Our service saves you time, keeps you in control (we never post for you), helps grow your followers and improves your online reputation.

No computer algorithm can can do this, so everything is done the old-fashioned way – real crowdsourced people (more on that topic another day) working 24×7 to bring you the content you need in a timely fashion. As you could imagine with our focus on microblogging, a blog was the last thing on our mind when we launched.

That’s about to change…

Over the past year we have learned a great deal about social media microblogging best practices and feel it is time to start sharing our insights with the world.  And really, 140 characters just doesn’t cut it for this kind of information.  It needs to be spelled out in the more traditional longer format.

The Chirpsy Team is about to get more chirpsy – every few weeks we plan to post to this blog with our latest findings and social media related thoughts that we hope you enjoy and learn from – stay tuned!

Chirp, Chirp!

Isaac Nichols
Founder & CEO

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